EV Connected – The Solution For Inherited Charging Points

Future Fuel EV Connected bridges the gap between new build developers and the EV chargers they are obligated to install, and the property managers and residents that inherit them. Developers are obligated to furnish car parks with EV chargers- great news for eco-centric residents and our precious planet. However, developers are under no obligation to arrange for ongoing safety checks or to […]

Future Fuel installed EV Chargers at Trinity Estates’ Head Office

Trinity Estates, a leading property management company, demonstrated its forward-thinking approach by contacting us at Future Fuel to carry out the installation of 5 active EV charging points, enabling employees to charge the electric vehicles provided by Trinity Estates themselves.  The project was completed within the scheduled timeframe of approximately five days, empowering Trinity Estates […]

Another Victory At The Arma Ace Awards 2023

  Future Group Wins Prestigious Arma Ace Award for Fifth Consecutive Year. We are proud to announce that we have once again been honoured with the highly prestigious Arma Ace Award for the fifth consecutive year.  This year’s victory was made all the more special as we partnered with ParkGate Aspen, a renowned property management […]

£50k of OZEV Funding In 30 Days

Future Fuel Achieves Remarkable Milestone: Installs EV Chargers Across 5 Sites in 30 Days, Raising £50k in OZEV Funding Future Fuel, our leading electrical vehicle charging installation division, has recently completed an extraordinary feat by successfully installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers across five sites within an impressive 30-day timeframe. This remarkable achievement was accompanied by […]


Due to the current national mourning, the government have updated the release dates for the digital service. Future Fuel are ready for any questions you may surrounding this… All new digital services will now be launched on the 27th of September 2022, including the EV infrastructure grants for both residential properties and staff and fleets […]

Future Fuel Project Update: Wycombe Square

Over 90% complete, 10 days ahead of schedule. Future Fuel is very pleased to share that their installations are progressing ahead of schedule at their latest multiple-point EVC solution project located in Kensington, London. Future Fuel had already successfully secured a total of £29,500 on behalf of our client for this project and it is […]

Update: New EV Charging Regulations

The uptake of EV Charging in residential blocks is increasing exponentially, affecting block’s electricity distribution and Future Fuel is ready for what comes next. The first six months for Future Fuel have been bright: funding went live in April allowing 2 OZEV-funded projects to be won within seven days, winning Partner of the Year at […]

Electric vehicle charging: how do we split the bill?

The EV revolution is unstoppable Some older charge points are already becoming obsolete. Jamie Willsdon from Future Fuel has the solution. In the new build sector developers of residential blocks, particularly in the build-to-rent market, have been installing electric vehicle (EV) charge points as standard for several years. Early solutions specified and installed by developers […]

£6k initiative to get drivers to switch to electric cars

UK drivers could get up to £6k via a taxpayer-funded scheme to switch to electric vehicles. A new initiative is being considered by the British Government which could offer drivers up to £6k to swap their traditional petrol engine car to new cleaner electric vehicles. This is a new idea to help relaunch the economy […]