£50k of OZEV Funding In 30 Days

Future Fuel Achieves Remarkable Milestone: Installs EV Chargers Across 5 Sites in 30 Days, Raising £50k in OZEV Funding

Future Fuel, our leading electrical vehicle charging installation division, has recently completed an extraordinary feat by successfully installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers across five sites within an impressive 30-day timeframe. This remarkable achievement was accompanied by securing £50,000 in funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). Future Fuel, proudly declaring themselves as EV solutions specialists, once again demonstrates their commitment to providing cutting-edge charging infrastructure across the country.

The installation project, encompassing five distinct locations, required meticulous planning, coordination, and efficient execution to ensure that the chargers were operational within the specified timeframe. Our team at Future Fuel displayed exceptional expertise and dedication throughout the process, resulting in all projects being completed on time and within the clients’ allocated budgets.

By leveraging our extensive experience in the EV charging industry, we have ensured a seamless installation process, from site assessment to final commissioning. Our team of highly skilled engineers deployed EV chargers, meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of each site. As a result, residents can now enjoy the convenience of reliable and efficient charging solutions, catering to their growing EV charging demands.

The success of Future Fuel’s ambitious project was further enhanced by securing £50,000 in funding from the OZEV. This funding is a testament to Future Fuel’s commitment to promoting sustainable transportation and our ability to secure support from the government. The additional financial backing will be instrumental in driving the adoption of EV charging infrastructure, enabling more residents to transition to electric vehicles seamlessly.

“We are thrilled to have successfully completed the installation of EV chargers across these five sites in just 30 days,” said Jamie Willsdon, Director of Future Fuel. “Our team’s dedication and expertise have been instrumental in ensuring the seamless execution of these projects. We are proud to be EV solutions specialists, providing our clients with cutting-edge charging infrastructure to support the growing demand for electric vehicles.”