EV Connected – The Solution For Inherited Charging Points

Future Fuel EV Connected bridges the gap between new build developers and the EV chargers they are obligated to install, and the property managers and residents that inherit them.

Developers are obligated to furnish car parks with EV chargers- great news for eco-centric residents and our precious planet. However, developers are under no obligation to arrange for ongoing safety checks or to provide any information regarding the EV infrastructure to the incoming property manager.

Consequently, numerous property managers find themselves unsure and in the dark- dealing with un-commissioned and neglected chargers. These unmaintained chargers could lead to escalated electricity bills for the block while posing significant risk for the residents and their visitors. All without any clear sense of accountability.

Having been approached by many large-scale developers and property management companies, Future Fuel has developed EV Connected to smooth the transition. We step in to ensure a developer’s due diligence is complete.” Jamie Willsdon, Group Director

The services we provide:

  • On-site Survey: To ensure we have a full understanding of the infrastructure in place, we carry out intrusive site surveys.
  • Safety Check: Our in-house engineers carry out routine safety inspections, providing compliance certification and peace of mind.
  • Commissioning: We are accredited partners to a variety of third-party billing and management platforms and will advise clients on which is most suited to the block. Billing platforms are easy to use and ensure that residents are charged individually for their usage and provide the security to prevent misuse.
  • Maintenance, Breakdowns and Emergencies: We keep things ticking over via a Planned Preventative Maintenance agreement. We’ll also be available to you 24/7 for any charger-related concerns or emergencies.

Un-commissioned, unsafe chargers without billing platform integration can run up huge electricity bills for your block, pose a real risk to life, and cause issues with building insurance.

Future Fuel EV Connected can support you via bespoke, stand-alone solutions, or as a bolt-on to your existing agreements within the group. As leasehold and EVC industry experts, our support will assure you and your residents that your chargers are safe, compliant, and readily available for use.

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