Future Fuel installed EV Chargers at Trinity Estates’ Head Office

Trinity Estates, a leading property management company, demonstrated its forward-thinking approach by contacting us at Future Fuel to carry out the installation of 5 active EV charging points, enabling employees to charge the electric vehicles provided by Trinity Estates themselves. 

The project was completed within the scheduled timeframe of approximately five days, empowering Trinity Estates on its path to achieving Net Zero emissions. Additionally, a manual billing system was integrated to facilitate monitoring and management of EV charger usage.

Trinity Estates is one of the largest residential property management companies in the UK. Trinity Estates recognised the need to adopt cleaner and greener transportation options for its employees. By installing EV chargers at its head office, the company aimed to provide convenient and accessible charging facilities while reducing its carbon footprint.

Name of site: Trinity Estates HQ

Location: Hemel Hempstead 

Number of bays: 5 Active bays

System installed: Manual billing system