The 10 vital steps for our EV installation process 

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  1. Initial Video Call:

Start with a brief video call to gather information about the block and the inquiry.

2. Resident Survey:

Distribute a questionnaire to all residents to gather data on their interest in electric vehicles (EVs), including ownership and future plans.

3. Data Processing:

Process the returned questionnaires to develop a proposal for an EV charging solution that meets current and future block demands.

4. Feedback Discussion:

Arrange a video call to discuss the proposal, address questions, and gather feedback from interested parties.

5. Funding Eligibility Check

Check eligibility for funding by contacting and obtain a funding ID.

6. Intrusive Site Survey (Chargeable)

Conduct an intrusive site survey, including detailed analysis, load testing, electrical distribution reporting, and feasibility study.

7. Proposal Presentation:

Provide a detailed design, scope of works, and delivery plan to meet block requirements. Share these documents for comparison estimates.

8. Estimate Discussion:

Hold a video call to discuss the estimate proposal with the client.

9. Client Instruction:

Obtain client approval and instruction for the proposed works.

10. Funding and Installation:

Prepare and file documents with OZEV for funding options.Proceed with the installation and commissioning of the EV charging system.


  1. Billing & Management:

Implement billing management and platform solutions tailored to the block’s needs.

2. Training & After care:

Provide training and maintenance services to ensure the safety and functionality of the EV chargers.

3. Warranty:

Offer a 5-year parts and labor warranty for the installed solutions.

These steps outline a comprehensive process for implementing an EV charging solution in a residential block.