Future Fuel: Damac Tower

Client: Damac Tower, Vauxhall, London

Project Overview:

Future Fuel, a leading provider of EV charging solutions, was tasked with installing 15 passive chargers and 5 active chargers into the prestigious Versace designed Damac Tower, a residential block located in Vauxhall, London. The project aimed to equip the building with a state-of-the-art EV charging infrastructure to cater to the growing demand for electric vehicles among residents and align with the government’s Road to Net Zero strategy for reducing emissions and promoting electric vehicle adoption.

OZEV Funding and Turnkey Service:

Upon reaching out to Future Fuel, Damac Tower expressed their interest in leveraging the company’s turnkey end-to-end service to implement a comprehensive EV charging solution. Future Fuel promptly submitted an application on behalf of the client and successfully secured £11,750 in OZEV funding for the project. This funding significantly reduced the infrastructure costs.

The installation of a full passive infrastructure with 15 passive chargers and 5 active chargers was completed within an impressive timeframe of just 5 days, meeting the project’s deadlines. The passive infrastructure allows the building to be future-proofed for further EV uptake, ensuring that residents are ready to transition to electric vehicles whenever they need to. Moreover, the passive infrastructure also proved to be a viable and cost-effective solution for leaseholders, showcasing the advantages of being prepared for EV adoption while enjoying government-funded support. The Future Tap billing system allowed residents to initiate charging sessions effortlessly.


Future Fuel’s successful completion of the Versace designed Damac Tower EV charging project highlights our commitment to delivering efficient and future-ready EV solutions. By securing OZEV funding and providing a full passive infrastructure, Future Fuel empowered Damac Tower to become EV-ready, aligning with the government’s environmental objectives while enhancing resident satisfaction and convenience. 

Location: Vauxhall, London SW

Client: Premier Block Management (PBM)

Building type: Residential

Number of bays: 15 passive, 5 active

Technology used: Easee Smart Charger

OZEV Funding Secured: £11,750

Project timeline: 5 Days

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