Due to the current national mourning, the government have updated the release dates for the digital service.

Future Fuel are ready for any questions you may surrounding this…

All new digital services will now be launched on the 27th of September 2022, including the EV infrastructure grants for both residential properties and staff and fleets as well as the EV chargepoint grant for commercial landlords.

The government are moving into a fully digital service, and thus will cease to accept grant applications under the interim service.

Keep up-to-date with the timetable:

  • The EV chargepoint grant for flat owner-occupiers and people living in rented properties (which is currently live) – last submission 31st October.
  • The EV chargepoint grant for residential landlords (which is currently live) – Last submission 31st October
  • The EV infrastructure grants – last submission 30th November
  • The Commercial landlords – last submission 31st December

However, for the Workplace Charging Scheme, continue the use the current platform.

From these dates onwards, be prepared to submit funding applications via this digital service.

Future Fuel have seen an incredible interest in the OZEV funding this year and the installation of EV chargepoint infrastructures. We have secured over £200,000 on behalf of our clients and have hosted multiple online sessions for property managers.

We firmly believe that every leaseholder with an electric vehicle should have access to an affordable, accessible, and fully compliant ChargePoint in their block, to facilitate their own journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Visit Future Fuel’s website to read up all about EV Charging, or for any enquiries contact info@future-group.uk.