Future Fuel: Riverside Plaza

Almost two years in the making: Future Fuel’s largest EV charge point installation to date.

Riverside Plaza entails 2 blocks of 81 residential flats, in a low emission zone in Central London.

Riverside Plaza is a small, secure, gated development on the Riverside of Chatfield Road. It is made up of two blocks: Sherwood Court and Mendip Court. The two blocks surround communal courtyards and many of the properties have private balconies with direct river views. There is a day-time porter service and an underground carpark for residents. This carpark is where Future Fuel has been installing the EV charging provision.

Riverside Plaza won an award in 1995 from the Royal Institute of British Architects for ‘Housing Projects’.


Key Issues:

  • The blocks are situated in a low emission zone and the OLEZ charge made owning a non-compliant vehicle expensive for leaseholders.
  • Riverside wanted to be one of the first local blocks to have an EVC infrastructure in place.
  • Due to the allocation of spaces, it prevented a dedicated EVC zone.
  • There was resistance to this project from some of the leaseholders.

Common potential problems for blocks:

  • Restrictive lease terms
  • Power loading issues
  • Access to existing power infrastructure

OZEV – EVHS grant £350 per socket is available for this project with the individual benefitting from this sum as a reduction from the charge point cost.

The Future Fuel Solution

The solution included 82no EV Easee ready back plates and the entire distribution system; ready for active robots to be clicked in place when a resident transitions to EV.

To date, we have 7 active chargers connected to the systems with residents happily charging their vehicles.  

The project was almost 2 years in the making due to planning, lease and budget restrictions. However, the installation itself was completed in 6 weeks.

We installed two new 200-amp sub-main supplies from the existing mains intake switch panel feeding two new distribution boards. This allowed for ten new circuits (zones) to be installed for the entire solution. All new cabling was supported via a new cable tray containment system run throughout the car park from point to point.

We ran 1800m of cabling throughout.

Passive chargers are a more efficient option for installation in the residential block environment.  This provides a simple activation method when a resident requires a live charging point connected to their bay. This also prevents our engineers having to return to install additional cabling and distribution; limiting logistic disruptions and reducing costs. By installing passive chargers, the installation of an active charging point is simple and cost-effective.

Easee Charging:

As independent suppliers of all leading manufacturers of EV charging solutions, we opted for Easee smart chargers due to the simplicity of expansion on demand.

“We have simplified everything that can be simplified. The result is an unparalleled technological solution that keeps both you and the environment at the heart of our design.

Our Charging Robot will take a place in the power grid of the future and act as a smart electricity valve. A premium product at a competitive price, where all you have to think about is the colour of the unit.”

The Billing App: Monta

Future Fuel partnered with Monta to provide a simple, efficient and streamlined billing and payment platform, ideal for the residential block sector. This secure platform prevents misuse and collects funds automatically, making for simplified management of billing for the residents and directors of this block. Monta allows residents to utilise chargers anywhere across Europe as well as their bay using one simple app.


  • First cars are up and running already (7 leaseholders as of 29/11/21)
  • Peter, the director, is very happy with the installation and is confident more active chargers will be required in the future.

I would be more than happy to recommend FF for any EV installation project.

The installation team were very professional. They worked well with our caretakers in arranging for the leaseholders’ cars to be moved so the charging points could be installed.

Their approach was very practical and flexible.

PB – Director


Future Fuel successfully installed 82no EV charger sockets (5 active and 77 passive) in an underground carpark at Riverside Plaza. Despite facing disruptions due to COVID-19 and weather, the installation was an easy process. The leaseholders are now able to charge their electric vehicles in their own assigned space, rather than moving the vehicle or charging elsewhere. This movement to EV charging in residential blocks will become more common in the coming years, especially when facing OLEZ charges as the country aims to lower emissions.

Additionally, the government has released dates for the OZEV EVHS grant for residential carparks and blocks; the scheme will begin in 2022!

Riverside is situated in an OLEZ zone, so by creating an EVC infrastructure, it raises the block’s desirability. We can predict that more residents at this property will see owning an EV as a viable option; they will be lowering carbon emissions and lowering their own costs simultaneously.  

Client: Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward

Location: SW11 3UY

Building Type: Leasehold Residential Block

Number of dwellings: 81

Technology Used: Easee Chargers, Monta App

Number of Bays: 82no (7 active, 75 passive)

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