The pros of LED Lighting at Westminster Bridge Road

It is our responsibility to save our planet. Every business is striving to cut their CO2 emissions to do their part.

One way to cut these emissions is by swapping your block lighting to energy-efficient LED lights. Lighting accounts for almost 5% of global CO2 emissions, but even this is too much… If the planet switched to LED technology, it could save over 1,400 million tons of CO2, while also avoiding the construction of 1250 power stations.

LEDs not only lower your energy bills but also are more environmentally friendly, so it is an obvious choice. Residential blocks burn through lights, some of which are on 24/7. It is important to find a way to fix this issue!

Here at Future Lighting, we have helped many of our clients switch to LED lighting, saving them both money and energy. For instance, at Westminster Bridge Road in London, we swapped their old lighting technology for LEDS, lowering their kWh drastically while also improving the site’s aesthetic. Overall the system has enhanced the block, drastically reduced energy costs and of course is confirmed emergency lighting compliance..

This new system is now fully warrantied for the next five years covering any failures, meaning a zero-spend for the next 5-years.

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