Information to Residents: Fire Safety Instructions (The Fire Safety Regulations 2022) 

From the 23rd January 2023, the new regulations will make it a requirement for all responsible persons of all multi-occupied residential buildings in England with two or more sets of domestic premises (and which have common parts), to provide residents with fire safety instructions.

Responsible persons will need to provide residents with instructions on:

  • how to report a fire
  • a reminder of what the evacuation strategy is for that building, and;
  • any other instruction that tells residents what they must do once a fire has occurred, based on the building’s evacuation strategy.

Responsible persons should display these instructions clearly in their building’s communal areas (such as the building’s lobby or any conspicuous part of the building) and share directly with residents when they move into the building. This information will need to be re-provided in both the communal area and to residents when a document is updated. This information must also be re-provided to residents on an annual basis.

As is set out in the fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats guidance a multi-occupied residential building is likely to have either a stay put or a simultaneous evacuation strategy.

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