Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common…

22,000 electric vehicles were registered in November, almost double that of November last year (10,345), the share of total sales climbed to 19%.

This incredible increase in EV sales has influenced the sales of new cars, so far this year 1.53m new cars have been registered. The sale of new cars rose for the first time in fourth months in November!

“The continued acceleration of electrified vehicle registrations is good for the industry, the consumer and the environment. But with the pace of public charging infrastructure struggling to keep up, we need swift action and binding public charger targets so that everyone can be part of the electric vehicle revolution, irrespective of where they live.” – Mike Hawes, the chief executive of the SMMT.

The SMMT said the ratio of electric vehicles to public chargepoints had reach 16:1.

Now is the time for blocks to convert their carparks into passive EVC infrastructures, so they are prepared for their residents acquiring electric vehicles. Future Fuel is ahead of the game, already supplying residential carparks with the wiring and infrastructure they need.

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