The Big Club Future Bake Off


Club Future, recently hosted a successful Bake Off event that was attended by some of our wonderful clients. The event was a huge success, and Club Future would like to extend their thanks to everyone who put their baking hats on and made the event so much fun.

The Bake off featured some of the best bakers in the industry… and some of the worst 🙂 

Everybody had their A-game on and the night became very competitive. The bakers competed to win the coveted prize spatula which was deservingly won by Jordan and Abbi for their outstanding cream and pistachio bunny shortbread. 

Club Future enjoy hosting events like this for our members, giving everyone an opportunity to catchup outside of the office walls. 

With their sights set on the future, Club Future are already planning their next event.

Are you a Club Future member?… get in touch with one of the team to get involved!