How The Process Works


A Conversation

Let’s start with a brief telephone conversation to find out a little about the block and your enquiry.


Canvas The Residents

Next, we suggest you furnish all residents with a simple questionnaire, supplied by us, that will provide data on the residents’ considerations for moving over to EV. We’ll ask questions such as: Do you own an EV? Are you thinking of moving to an EV? Next Year? In three Years? This information is vital to great planning.

Data Returned


Once the questionnaires have been returned, our team will process the data and build the optimum design proposal for delivering an EV charging solution that meets the current demands of the block as well as supporting a vision for the future.

Stage One Proposal


Next, we create and provide a FREE draft proposal with design documents, alongside a quantified estimate for you and your residents to review.

Let's Discuss

We then arrange for a video conference with any interested parties to review the documents together and address any immediate questions and queries.




Following on from the video call, it’s now time to decide if you wish us to carry out a site survey and intrusive reporting. This stage is chargeable from as little as £20 per day.

Intrusive Survey


An intrusive site survey that includes:

• Detailed surveying and quantifying
• Load testing and spare capacity analysis
• Electrical distribution reporting
• Feasibility study
• Site access or pre-contact planning exercise

We’ll then provide you with:

• A detailed design with planning and drawings
• A full scope of works with an itemised and quantified estimate
• A storyboard of delivery to meet the blocks demand requirements

These documents can be shared with third parties to provide a comparison estimate, meeting requirements of the block lease and Section-20 legislation. We then hope to be awarded the scheme and will reimburse any stage two associated costs from the final system delivery sum.


We will prepare all documents ready to file with OZEV for funding options.




Our installation team will deliver a first-class system on time and without any fuss to you or the block’s residents. We arrange everything in-house including H&S and Welfare, Risk & Method, logistics, arrangement of planning, delivery, installation, testing and handover. Our electrical engineers are directly employed by Future Group, are fully vetted, insured and qualified to the latest standards.

Billing & Management


Billing management and platform developments are landing in the industry daily. We’ll make sure your site uses the latest, optimum solutions, all tailored to your block’s needs.


All our solutions are covered by our 5-year parts and labour warranty for total peace of mind.


Training & Aftercare


Chargers are high-powered pieces of equipment so maintenance and testing are paramount to confirm they are safe for continued use. We offer service visits that include testing, cleaning, overhauling and compliance testing; issuing certificate of compliance, confirming your block and its residents are safe. Training can be provided onsite or remotely using our handy video tutorial.