Secure Information Boxes (The Fire Safety Regulations 2022)

The Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report highlighted that the lack of on-site information available to London Fire Brigade on the night could have further hampered their response had the layout of the building been more complex. The Inquiry recommended that the owner and manager of all high-rise residential buildings be required by law to ensure that the building contains a secure information box.

The new regulations coming into force will now require all high-rise residential buildings over 18 meters or 7 storeys in height to have secure information boxes or otherwise known Premises information boxes (PIB) installed. It would be down to the responsible person to ensure a suitably secure information box is provided in or on their high-rise building.

They will also be required to ensure that the following information is contained within:

  • The name, address, and telephone number within the United Kingdom of the responsible person;
  • The name and contact information of such other persons within the United Kingdom who are provided with the facilities to and are permitted to access the building as the responsible person considers appropriate;
  • Such documents as are required to be placed in it by these Regulations.

Further information and guidance surrounding this can be found within “The Code of Practice for the Provision of Premises Information Boxes in Residential Buildings” produced jointly by the FIA and the NFCC PIBS_Guide_06-21_V2.pdf The regulations do not require a responsible person to include in the box any personal or sensitive information about residents.

Future Fire can offer installations of both internal and external PIBs and can provide further guidance on their requirements.

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