Our Amazing Engineer Jamie Grant Takes on Royal Parks Half Marathon to Support National Autistic Society

In an inspiring show of dedication and love, our amazing engineer Jamie Grant  is set to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October 2024, raising funds for the National Autistic Society. This cause is deeply personal to him and his family, as they navigate life with their nearly three-year-old daughter, Nellie, who was recently diagnosed with autism.

“For those of you who know me and my beautiful family—my soon-to-be wife Paige, and our three children, Teddy, Peggy, and Nellie—this journey has been transformative,” he shared. “Nellie, our 2, nearly 3-year-old daughter, struggled with various developmental issues from birth. Numerous appointments and an ongoing fight for answers eventually led us to an autism diagnosis.”

A year ago, the family knew little about autism. Desperate for answers, they scoured the internet to find ways to support Nellie. Through this process, they discovered not only how to help their daughter but also how profoundly she would impact their lives.

“Nellie changed our lives forever,” he explained. “Our beautiful, kind, happy, courageous, and brave little Nels taught us a whole different way of life. You are more loved than you could ever imagine, and daddy and mummy will fight every single day to get you what you deserve, make sure you are understood, and most importantly, accepted for the amazing little girl that you are. This one’s for you, Nels!”

Jamie’s decision to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon is driven by his desire to give back and raise awareness for autism. By supporting the National Autistic Society, he hopes to help other families access the resources and support they need. The marathon, which takes runners through some of London’s most iconic parks, will serve as both a personal challenge and a platform to highlight the importance of autism awareness and acceptance.

Friends, family, and colleagues have rallied behind him, pledging donations and offering words of encouragement as he prepares for the race. His story has already touched many, shining a light on the everyday battles and victories faced by families living with autism.

As the marathon date approaches, he remains focused on his training and fundraising goals, determined to make a difference for Nellie and all children with autism. His journey is a testament to the power of love, resilience, and community support.

For those inspired by his story and wishing to contribute, donations can be made to the National Autistic Society in support of his marathon effort. Every contribution brings us one step closer to a world where all children, like Nellie, are understood and accepted.

This October, as he crosses the finish line of the Royal Parks Half Marathon, he will do so with the unwavering support of his family and community, running for a cause that has forever changed his life.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated!