Luke Takes on London Marathon to Honour Friend and Support Sarcoma Cancer Uk

In a remarkable display of dedication and compassion, our esteemed colleague Luke is gearing up to conquer the 2024 London Marathon. What sets Luke’s marathon journey apart is not just the miles he’s covering but the heartfelt cause he’s running for.

Luke has chosen to lace up his running shoes in support of Sarcoma UK, a national charity that plays a pivotal role in funding crucial research, providing support to those affected by sarcoma cancer, and advocating for improved treatments.

The driving force behind Luke’s marathon mission is a deeply personal one. In memory of his friend Laura, who sadly lost her battle with sarcoma cancer in April of the previous year, Luke is determined to make a meaningful impact. Laura’s enduring positivity throughout her treatment left an indelible mark, inspiring all fortunate enough to know her.

I would like to raise as much money as possible to help researchers and raise awareness to improve treatment and standards of care,” says Luke, highlighting the dual purpose of his marathon endeavour – to honour Laura’s memory and contribute to the ongoing fight against sarcoma.

Expressing gratitude for any support, Luke has set up a JustGiving page where well-wishers can contribute to this noble cause. Every donation, no matter the size, will make a significant difference in the battle against sarcoma cancer.

To support Luke’s cause and contribute to Sarcoma UK, visit his JustGiving page: Luke’s JustGiving Page

Join us in cheering on Luke as he runs not just for the finish line but for a brighter future in the fight against sarcoma cancer.