How to get the best value from your maintenance contracts…

Does your block have a planned preventative maintenance plan? If not, why not? asks Jamie Willsdon. It could help you budget better and keep angry residents at bay!

Post-pandemic it is clear that for many of us money could be tight. Leaseholders are no exception and they will be looking to their property managers to squeeze the best value from their service charge. Maintenance costs are key to block budgets so now, more than ever, it is important to ensure that allocated funds are spent wisely.

This is where planned preventative maintenance comes in. It’s a simple concept but at the Future Group we are constantly surprised by the number of blocks that do not have a PPM plan in place. PPM is essentially a scheduled maintenance routine, designed to ensure that block services such as heating and lighting, safety systems and other equipment are all maintained at regular intervals. This way, block managers can minimise the chances of partial or complete failure – and keep costs predictable and well-managed.

Rather than waiting until systems fail and then madly fire-fighting and paying for emergency call-outs to solve the problem, PPM acts as a pre-emptive insurance policy against breakdowns. With regular servicing in place, barring an unexpected catastrophe, the likelihood of the expense of full replacement of failed equipment is kept to a minimum. This means peace of mind for residents that all the systems they rely on will continue to work efficiently – and less hassle for property managers without angry leaseholders laying the blame at their door when things go wrong.

At Future, we work with our clients to provide regular PPM visits and inspections that comply with the latest British Standards. We cover electrical and lighting equipment, fire safety and security systems, HVAC and Ev charging. Our service engineers are strategically based around London and the home counties to enable rapid, efficient and cost-effective servicing. We also keep meticulous records so that we can accurately report and monitor system performance for our customers with an early warning Red-Amber-Green system in place to flag up the need for future expenditure. This means budget allocations can be made in plenty of time as equipment nears the end of its useful life.

Jamie Willsdon is the Group Director of Future Group.

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