FutureProofing Costs, Energy & Lighting

Block managers have their work cut out.

Residential lighting is vital to the safety and wellbeing of everyone using any building. The problems associated with meeting these expectations are: cost-savings, efficiency and repairs. These can be an ongoing headache when aiming to provide lighting on demand day in, day out…

The humble light bulb was due for a makeover.

Having been through a prolonged period of austerity, every management group, housing trust, and council want the lighting to be efficient, innovative and environmentally friendly. This is quite a tall order for the humble light bulb. So is there a solution that will deliver all of this and cut costs?

Energy savings and rapid returns on investment are possible

With so much importance being placed on energy-saving solutions, across every sector, energy solutions specialists have been long overdue. The industry has been in desperate need of experts that could achieve an understanding of the whole picture. By bringing in specialists in lighting solutions vast financial and energy savings offering extraordinarily rapid returns on investment are now possible for everyone.

Block lighting can be transformed

Any trust, management Company or council can now bring in specialists able to offer an end-to-end service. This includes: surveys, alongside design and innovation as one part of a comprehensive package.  Highly designed installation and a first class maintenance package transform block lighting provision.

Lighting is more reliable and cost effective than ever.

It makes sense to look for the most energy-efficient as well as effective lighting systems. This is especially true when you source them from specialists that know capabilities, possibilities, and solutions for every situation. To consult those in the know, means any property is offered a bespoke lighting system that works. Added to that, by using companies that understand an installation and know both the easiest and most economic approach to maintenance means lighting failures are infrequent and rapidly resolved.

Cutting edge technology and unrivalled quality

It’s this innovative approach to lighting and maintenance that delivers considerable economic and performance benefits. These include 5-year warranties, unique saving ideas and also high specification fittings. Of course in any lighting system cabling, lighting fitments, timers and control panels all contribute to overall efficiency. That’s why UK lighting manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and are producing durable products that embrace cutting-edge technology and unrivalled quality.

Bespoke solutions are considered normal.

Gone are the days of having little choice or an off the peg solution. Most companies have specific energy and cost targets. Return on investment is often crucial and even the most stringent energy and environmental targets can be achieved with bespoke solution

The future is with us now

If you are managing residential blocks or considering upgrading your existing lighting systems, look for a company that offers the full package from survey, design, and installation to service and energy savings. This really is the FUTURE of lighting systems.

The FUTURE team offers end-to-end service.

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