Futureproof your block… OZEV UPDATES

Understand the changes and prepare for the Future.

If you didn’t already know the Government has committed £1.3bn of funding to help the roll-out of electric vehicle charging infrastructures. EVs are the future and this rollout with help us bring all greenhouse emissions to net-zero by 2050! The truth is unavoidable now and property managers should prepare their blocks for the wave that is coming.

We have already seen the interest in electric vehicles rise exponentially this past year; 39,315 new and fully electric cars were delivered to British motorists last month, 76 per cent more than in March 2021! This means your next car will most likely be electric… the phase-out of petrol and diesel cars has already begun, aiming to erase the production of new fuel cars by 2030.

The logical reaction to this trend is to apply for the available funding and install chargers in residential blocks now!

Keep updated with the changes:

  • Landlords can claim back £350 per socket for the cost of installing EV chargers, are able to make up to 200 applications per year, and with no limit to how many sockets per property as long as they are for private bays.
  • Freeholders can claim up to £30,000 per building, with a limit. Of 30 applicants per year per applicant. 

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