Future Security and Future Regeneration team up at Scotts Sufferance Wharf

At Scotts Sufferance Wharf, in Bermondsey, the residents were in dire need of a new and updated security system. The existing system was old with different sized and poorly fitted panels, as well as faulty and messy wiring. JFM contacted Future Security to supply and deliver a replacement video intercom system to multiple blocks at this site.  

Future Security answered the call and carried out a survey, then promptly ordered panels, monitors and wire switches from Dahua Technology. Dahua is a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. They switched the old handsets for the new touchscreen monitor in each flat, including the concierge’s desk. Each resident can now see every visitor as they await by a panel outside through a video IP solution with digital panels, delivering a greater user experience for each resident.  

Future Regeneration was also called for the redecoration, plastering and re-painting of the surroundings for all monitors, eliminating any ongoing works by other trades, keeping the site fresh and well presented. This addition to the security service provided the finishing touch to an already high-standard service, keeping residents happy and the site’s aesthetic pristine.

The works carried out at Scott Sufferance Wharf is a perfect example of what Future Group strive towards. They show a continuous effort to combine passion and exemplary industry knowledge to help property managers, leaseholders and residents feel relieved and happy, eliminating the hassle associated with property maintenance.

However, this project is not like the rest. Future Security has pioneered a new cabling system, where an 8-cable system has now become a 2-wired system. This ground-breaking upgrade has never been carried out before in the leasehold sector, our industry experts say it makes it cleaner and futureproofed for any problems that may arise post-install. And as Sean Cassidy, Director of Future Security, says he is “really pleased with the support from manufacturers providing firmware upgrade to enable this to be configured smoothly”.

Scotts Sufferance Wharf can now take pride in its new, pristine security system with clean brickwork and redecoration… it’s as if they always had it in place.

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