Future Group Successfully Secure Two OZEV-Funded ChargePoint Projects

We are so pleased to announce that we have been awarded two OZEV-funded projects, just seven days after the delayed funding finally went live.

The long-awaited Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) funding has replaced the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) as of the 1st April 2022. Following the funding launch, we have secured two ChargePoint projects; one in Brighton & Hove and one at Holland Park, London.

As OZEV-approved installers, we are happy to secure the funding on our client’s behalf as well as handling the installation from start to finish- to our exacting standards. Both the property managers awarding the commissions above have made use of this end-to-end service.

Jamie Willsdon, Group Director, shared the news on LinkedIn:

Brighton & Hove: “I’m pleased to share that Future Group have been awarded the project to install 10no Active EVCs and 10no Passive EVC points at a delightful coastal development in Brighton & Hove. We will secure an OZEV Grant (on behalf of our client) totalling £13,500 for the scheme that will cover the lion’s share of costs; getting this facility ready for the immediate demand whilst future-proofing further bays for rapid activation.”

Holland Park: “I’m super pleased to share that Future Group have been commissioned to install a 59no Bay EV Charging facility at this delightful residential development in Holland Park, London. We will secure (on behalf of our client) £29,500 worth of OZEV funding for the scheme that will cover the lion’s share of infrastructure costs; getting this facility future-proofed and EVC ready.”

Applying for OZEV funding can be a demanding process for those not used to its complexities or who are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of EV charging. Things become even more complicated for block managers who face issues around lease covenants and access to parking spaces.

Working to overcome these issues has been a priority for us, having successfully applied for many grants over the last 3 years. We have partnered with leading property law firm Property Management Legal Services Limited to help property managers unravel the complexities of residents’ leases and to gain permissions from landlords for charger installations.

Group Director, Jamie, has also taken it upon himself to recognise and tackle the knowledge gap he’s found between property managers and the EV charging world. He has published a range of explainer articles, pressed the government to grasp the particular difficulties faces by leaseholders who are keen to go electric, facilitated the team to provide 40 live presentations and 100 more online, and personally visited more than 50 property managers to set out the benefits of readying their blocks for EV uptake.

Now recognised as a knowledge-leader, Jamie decided to formalise his expertise and launched Future’s EV Consultancy Service in 2022; providing full project reviews and independent advice on installations and payment solutions. We are committed to remaining unaffiliated with any particular brands and we avoid promoting particular manufacturers, using instead our comprehensive knowledge of the market to recommend the best solutions for each project.

“All buildings and all leases are different, so a one-size-fits-all solution is not viable,” Jamie explains.

“By using our consultancy service, property managers can be confident that we will source the best possible solution for their block or portfolio. Future Fuel is completely independent. We are not product-led but are approved installers for all leading EV charging manufacturers. Our relationships with different billing and management platforms ensure we can create the right solution for each client, ensuring recovery of ChargePoint payments in the most streamlined way possible.”

Jamie’s advice to property managers is to get the ball rolling now: “Get designs, proposals and scopes in place, so projects are agreed and you are positioned to file your application to the OZEV for approval on time. We will continue to update our clients on regulations, funding stages and new technology as its launched to the market,”

We believe that every leaseholder with an electric vehicle should have easy access to an affordable and fully compliant chargepoint at their block and are working hard to make that a realty for as many people as possible.

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