Future Group completes the Tough Mudder Challenge!

On April 2nd, 2022, Jordan Begg and Jason Begley – as representatives of Future Group – successfully completed the Tough Mudder challenge, an incredible event and an incredible achievement!

For the past few months, Future Group has worked tirelessly to raise money for Teens Unite Fighting Cancer, a charity that supports young people fighting cancer to live their best life, while others search for a cure. They inspire young people to recognise their potential now and, in the future, and empower them to live every moment to the fullest.

Their JustGiving page originally had a £1,500 target but quickly and without warning the target was smashed and they were able to raise £2,130 before they even had a chance to tie their laces. The support they have received is beyond moving, both online and in-person and it was apparent that the support really helped Jordan and Jason through their training.

Once the challenge was over, Jordan and Jason were beaming amongst their friends and family, and the pride was obvious; they’d raised an amazing amount of money for an incredible charity and beat Tough Mudder.

Future Group wants to make it clear that they are so grateful for the support, and how proud they are of everything Jordan and Jason have achieved.

The kids are the future, and it would be incredible for anyone to donate and show their support. Thank you!

At Future Group we help our clients prepare for the future, but Teens Unite makes young people excited for theirs!

Check out our Charity page for more information on our relationship with Teens Unite.

Teens Unite Fighting Cancer

And don’t forget to check out their social channels and see what amazing things they are doing to help…

Instagram: @teensunitefightingcancer

Twitter: @teensunite