Future Group Celebrates International Women’s Day at Doyenne Event with Exclusive Club Future Slipper Giveaway

In an inspiring celebration of International Women’s Day, Future Group joined forces with Doyenne Property to support an empowering event that spotlighted the achievements and challenges of women in the property management industry. The event, known for gathering leading figures and enthusiasts from across the sector, shone a light on critical topics ranging from legislation changes to personal development themes like navigating menopause in business and cultivating confidence.

A highlight of the day was Future Group’s innovative approach to engaging with attendees through a unique giveaway of their much-coveted Club Future slippers. Each guest found a leaflet at their table, inviting them to peel off a small card to reveal whether they had won a pair of the exclusive slippers. The excitement was palpable as winners discovered their prizes, adding an extra layer of joy to the day’s proceedings. Those who weren’t as lucky this time left with eager anticipation for the next opportunity, with many expressing their intention to attend the upcoming leasehold London event in hopes of securing a pair for themselves.


The array of talks provided by leading women in the property management industry was another core element of the event’s success. Attendees were treated to insightful discussions on a range of topics, including the latest in legislation, strategies for handling menopause while maintaining business acumen, and advice on exuding confidence in a competitive industry. These presentations not only offered valuable knowledge but also sparked conversations among participants, fostering a sense of community and mutual support that is essential for driving progress.

Future Group’s participation in the Doyenne event underscores their commitment to supporting women’s advancement in the property management field and beyond. By providing a platform for recognition, discussion, and networking, the event contributes significantly to the ongoing dialogue about gender equality and empowerment in the professional sphere.

As we reflect on the success of this year’s International Women’s Day celebration, Future Group extends its heartfelt thanks to Doyenne Property for hosting an event that continues to inspire and uplift women in the property management industry. The synergy between such impactful discussions and the joy of the Club Future slipper giveaway perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the day, leaving participants motivated and looking forward to future gatherings that champion the cause of women in business.