Future Fuel gives the Facts on EV funding in their Second Online Session

The truth about global warming and the price of fuel is unavoidable… now more than ever leaseholders are recognising the benefits of electric vehicles. Since its launch in 2019, Future Fuel Solutions has become a driving force within the electric vehicle charging community; they are the first independent EV consultancy service available to the leasehold sector in the southeast. As knowledge leaders and OZEV-approved installers, they are a conduit for news and updates, continuing to share their expansive knowledge on EV charging.

In response to the newly positioned Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) going live in May, Future Fuel immediately produced and hosted a free, online session highlighting the details of the scheme to a live audience. The first received incredibly positive feedback so another occurred soon after. During this presentation, Jamie Willsdon, Director of Future Fuel, explained how this new scheme will fund the lion’s share of leaseholders’ installation costs and is expected to drive up interest in EVs even further. The session clearly explained the requirements and how-to’s, helping property managers prepare themselves for their clients and the EV uptake we all know is coming.

Starting in 2022, Future fuel offers a handholding service, helping clients prepare documents to file with OZEV to secure potential funding.

They are well-versed in the process and familiar with the OZEV criteria, having applied for many successful grant applications during the last three years. They firmly believe that every leaseholder with an electric vehicle should have access to an affordable, accessible, and fully compliant ChargePoint in their block, to facilitate their own journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Over the past three years, they have demonstrated commitment to the roll-out of chargepoints, lobbying the Government on behalf of the leasehold sector.

There will be a third online session on the 5th of July at 2pm, to register your interest please contact Darren Rogers at darren@future-group.uk

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