Future Fire: Redcliffe Square

A wired system was not an option for this refurbishment project, as cabling would have been intrusive. It was noted by the residents that they did not wish their communal areas to end up “looking like a hotel”. The building is their home and this had to be respected.

Project Description:

A recent fire risk assessment documented that the building required a fire detection and alarm system, incorporating control and indicating equipment, covering the common escape routes along with apartment heat detection/sounders sited immediately inside the front door.

Reasoning For Wireless Use:

Redcliffe Square was built as part of the Gunter estate in the 1860s. The internal décor is of a very high standard, with exposure to almost all the original features such as plaster cornices and wooden wall panelling. Client disruption was not an option on this project, thus a wireless option was specified to minimise dust and dirt while eradicating the possibility of any damage to the existing decor.

Easy Install


BSN EN Standards

Wireless is the Future

Future Fire specialises in wireless fire protection. This installation is just one of our state-of-the-art wireless solutions. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

Project: Redcliffe Square

System Type: Wirless

Protocol: Argus Vega

Control Equipment: Kentec Syncro AS panel

ROI(m): 14m

Project Timeline (days): 3

KW Saved: 35100

Positive Feedback (%): 100