Future Fuel: Ram Quarter

Ram Quarter, a forward-thinking residential block, recognised the importance of embracing sustainable practices and providing convenient solutions for electric vehicle (EV) owners within their community. They approached Future Fuel, a leading provider of EV charging solutions, to install 12 fully active EV chargers in their car park. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Ram Quarter and Future Fuel, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and the seamless integration of EV charging infrastructure.


  • Installation Timeframe: Ensuring timely installation without disrupting the daily activities of residents.
  • Power Capacity: Determining the appropriate power output of the chargers to accommodate various EV models.
  • Billing System Integration: Implementing a robust billing system to accurately monitor and manage charging usage.


Future Fuel, with our expertise in EV charging infrastructure, addressed Ram Quarter’s requirements by implementing the following solutions:

  • Efficient Installation: Future Fuel’s installation team completed the installation of 12 fully active EV chargers within the scheduled 6-day timeframe. This minimised disruptions for residents while providing them with convenient and accessible charging facilities.
  • Power Flexibility: By installing chargers with power outputs ranging from 7-22kW, Future Fuel ensured compatibility with a wide range of EV models. This enabled residents to charge their vehicles efficiently and effectively.
  • Future Tap Billing System: Future Fuel integrated the Future Tap billing system, allowing Ram Quarter to seamlessly monitor and manage the usage of the EV chargers. This system provides accurate billing information for residents and facilitates transparent cost allocation.

Results and Benefits:

  • Ram Quarter now offers a sustainable solution for its residents, encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles and reducing carbon emissions.
  • The installation of 12 fully active EV chargers ensures convenient and accessible charging facilities for all residents.
  • The Future Tap billing system enables efficient monitoring and management of charging usage, ensuring correct allocation of costs.

Name of site: Ram Quarter

Instructing client: Rendall & Rittner

Location: Wandsworth

Building Type: Residential block

Number of bays: 12 Bays all fully active

Project Duration: Completed within 6 days, meeting the scheduled timeline

Additional System: Future Tap billing system integrated