Future Lighting: Kingston Riverside

Future Lighting saved their client £50,000 per annum on electricity after a full lighting upgrade.

Future Lighting was commissioned to replace all the lighting in a phased approach to address an ongoing concern of failures and extremely high emergency lighting repair estimates.

The property management company invited our Director, Jamie Willsdon to a resident/Directors meeting to discuss an issue they had with some urgent emergency lighting repair bills.

Problems identified:

A third-party specialist who was responsible for the emergency light testing had found a large quantity of failed lights across the development. In response, they had issued a few estimates to repair these failures.  Reviewing the estimates, it was found that these were simply for the repair only and the parts required were extremely costly.

The Future Lighting Solution

After reviewing the site and the associated estimates; we proposed an alternative approach. 

The existing lights were combined (providing 24hr lighting with an emergency battery backup facility) but also old technology compact fluorescent using twin 18W lamps!  The immediate comments from the team were: 

“Why are we repairing old, costly lighting?”

“Why don’t we use this opportunity in improving the lighting and look at energy saving too?”

We reviewed the entire site and suggested a phased approach, replacing this old lighting with new self-contained, LED low-energy alternatives on a retrofit basis.

We returned to our client with an alternative option that made real commercial sense!

Our approach was to start on a single floor, collect any operational fittings and install these on lower floors where we had failed fittings, this addressed the immediate issue without spending vast sums.

On the other floors, we replaced all lighting for new low-energy 8W LED alternatives that were retrofitted directly in place of the existing, with decorative concerns taken into account. 

Where emergency cover was required, we installed Micro 1W non-maintained, self-testing recessed spots.


The results are: A minimum of 70% energy reduction, completely new fittings, 5 Year Guarantee and a ROI in less than 3 years!  

The client has total peace of mind that any failures found over the next 5-years will be covered by our insurance-backed parts & labour warranty cover.

Today (18 months later) we have now completed 5 Floors (only 2 remain) and the staircases, the client benefits from budget planning, whilst knowing they are fully compliant.

This site when complete will save £50,000 per annum on electricity alone, they have the peace of mind of the insurance-backed coverage, plus they are fully compliant.

ROI Existing kWh Usage New kWh Usage Existing Cost per Annum New Cost per Annum
28Months 52.35 10.37 £55,000 £6,100

Client: JFM Property Management

Building Type: Residential

Technology used: LED Lighting & Emergency Lighting

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