Future Lighting Undertook An Audit And Isolated The Problematic Fittings That Were Then Set Up Correctly


Bezier Apartments were completed in 2010 comprising of 200 apartments across two blocks, right on the Silicon Roundabout on the City Road, London EC1. They are certainly distinctive in design and overlook some spectacular views right across the city. Being close to Hoxton and Shoreditch, it’s a really fashionable and exciting place to live and work, as well as being surrounded by history.

TTudorvale Properties Group started development in 2008 to designs supplied by TP Bennett that were arced and dramatic. Locals have called the building ‘Bezier’s Bum’ but they clearly aren’t taking into account the design actually helps diffuse noise levels in such a bustling environment.

Whatever your thoughts, no one can deny the quality of the interiors and their green credentials.

Key issues:

  • Light fittings were failing regularly
  • Fluorescent lighting was used throughout
  • Huge maintenance bills were regular and escalating
  • No balance between energy use and maintenance causing damage
  • Sensors were located next to glazing panels
  • Lamps commissioned incorrectly

Jordan Begg, Director of Future Lighting, is convinced by years of experience that too often efficiency falls victim to design…

“We are passionate when it comes to design and aesthetic, but surely energy efficiency, cost management and maintenance must have some bearing on the choice of light fitting?”

Future Lighting Audit Highlighted:

  • Maintenance charges were running away with the budget
  • Numerous light fitting failures and repairs had caused long-term system issues
  • Different fittings and components had caused inconsistent light levels and colours
  • The overall look was unappealing
  • Energy use was high
  • Commissions needed to be carried out correctly
  • LED was a more appropriate, ecological and economical way forward

The Future Lighting Solution

One of the biggest frustrations for Bezier was the damage that was being done to light fittings and lamps that were not being commissioned correctly. We undertook an audit and isolated the problematic fittings that were then set up correctly. Re-commissioning sensors near glazed panels was a priority as was being proactive in the way lights are audited; changing practices to promote ‘best’ practice.

In addition, attention was given to sizing, colour rendering and light output. Considerable time designing the most appropriate, durable and aesthetically pleasing result paid off.

The overall light levels were improved in entrance lobbies, corridors, and utility areas and we set about reducing costs and energy use overall.


  • Improved light levels
  • Consistent colour rendering throughout, improving aesthetics
  • Reduced maintenance to zero
  • Saved on administration time and costs
  • Tenant satisfaction from a more proactive approach to their lighting needs
  • Energy saving of 80% upwards
  • 5-year warranty


At Future Lighting our philosophy is to create proactive long -term partnerships with our clients. Our audits, inventories and maintenance packages remove lighting maintenance and upgrade hassle from any block management ‘to do’ list, as well as saving time, money and energy. Attention to detail regarding lighting design and maintenance can transform a block’s efficiency in many respects.

  • Building Type: Residential
  • Technology Used: LED & Controls