Future Security: Nexus Apartments

Future Security fit a new integrated intercom panel as part of block security upgrade.

Future Security were invited to provide a solution for the front door security upgrade work for Nexus Apartments, a modern block in a sought-after location close to the Shard, the Tate Modern and Borough Market. We selected IPGUARD and Warrior Doors to provide their equipment. The golden key was also provided from Golden Key Secure.

The existing door was topped by an unfinished plywood panel and the handle was breaking as residents struggled to open it. The slim line top fixed maglock was vulnerable to break ins and there was zero visibility due to a lack of glazing. The existing intercom provided access via entry code. In addition, the video intercom was facing 90 degrees to the door limiting residents view on visitors. The exit button on the wall by the door handle required a two-handed operation for residents to exit the building. 



Residents have commented that the door is working fantastically, and they are all happy with the outcome. It functions exactly as we expected and the one or two times there were technical issues, Future Security tended to them and resolved the issue promptly.”

Project manager for Nexus Apartments

The Future Security Solution: 

Future Security proposed a high security door providing colour to match block exterior agreed with their residents. The door was provided by Warrior Doors. The door is secure by design ( Enhanced security performance requirements for door sets and windows in the UK. Door sets and windows intended to offer a level of security suitable for dwellings and other buildings exposed to comparable risk) and is guaranteed for 20 years. Future Security Solutions also chose an IPGUARD Mini Plus Intercom which provided the best solution for the customers’ requirements. This was a great choice, allowing for hands-free access for residents who utilise cloud-based access control and Bluetooth access via the system smart phone app, a feature that can be carefully controlled to ensure security. 


Once the door and intercom were fitted, the residents were afforded greater visibility (both through the door and the viewing angle of the intercom), the appearance and security of the entrance was hugely improved (both due to the new door and the steel plate that replaced the plywood, and the door was colour matched to compliment the colour scheme of the building).

The new, heavy duty secure by design door, 2 x 500g transom maglocks and secure shear lock increased security dramatically, along with the intercom for video calls to users registered smart phones and access which utilises (non-clone) high security fobs with cloud management. Code access is also managed, the exit button was now in a more appropriate position, further enhancing the user experience. 

“It was great working with the Future Security team; superb workmanship and always willing to go the extra mile!

The client chose to go for the IPGUARD MINI PLUS which meant no access inside the apartments was required. Future Group efficiently upgraded the door entry and access control system, enhancing security for the residents & providing full control for the management company. 

Residents now receive HD visitor video calls from anywhere, accompanied by a call log with snapshots of all their calling visitors. Management can manage the entire site remotely and in real-time, both the door entry & access control all on one CLOUD portal.”




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