Integra House

The Security team were out in Tooting replacing old doors that didn’t close!

The Problem:

This is typically a modern block communal entrance aluminium door it has electronic V Lock bolts fitted to the frame which secures this door locked in two places. Locking bolts must both align exactly with the door when closed for them to both operate. When they are not aligned they do not operate and the door is not secured at that point. These types of doors don’t have door stops along the full length of the closing edge of the top as most internal doors do. The door is only stopped at the top edge by a small removable plate.

Stopping this door at this top point only and not along the closing leaf of the door when forced produces additional forces on the aluminium door structure as nothing at the bottom preventing this twisting. This intern causes the v locks to move out of alignment and compromise the security of the door.

Easy Install

Long Lasting


The Future Security Solution:

This new steel door has 2 heavy-duty maglocks integrated to the frame. This provides as strong a stop edge along the face of the door that the door cannot pass for greater security. The maglocks provide reliable secure locking for the door. The piano hinge along the side of the doors evenly distributes the weight of this steel door ensuring no fulcrum for wear over time, and door dropping. This door has an internal threshold providing added strength for frame stability.

Pivot hinges – replaced by full length piano hinge

Top door stop – replaced by full length door stop

Aluminium door – replaced by steel not able to twist through solid construction

In frame closer  – replaced by heavy-duty adjustable  closer

The heavy duty closer ensures the reliable operation over time of this door with scope for adjustment to cope with weather changes in temp winter and summer which affect the closing fluid viscosity.


Happy and secure residents with no unauthorised entry to block by unsecured door.

Project: Integra House

System Type: Door Security Upgrade.

Door Standards: Secure by Design

Control Equipment: Retained & Reused Existing