Future Regeneration: Evelyn Gardens

Evelyn Gardens Case Study

Evelyn Gardens is a prestigious residential block located in the heart of Chelsea. Known for its elegant architecture and sophisticated ambiance, Evelyn Gardens required a comprehensive refurbishment and internal redecoration to maintain its high standards. This 12-week project encompassed new carpets, wallpaper, and decorations, ensuring the property continued to meet the expectations of its discerning residents.



The project commenced with an initial consultation with the property manager, who engaged with residents to decide on the colour schemes and new decorations. The collaborative approach ensured that the residents’ preferences were incorporated into the final design, creating a welcoming and personalised environment.

Following their consultations, we were selected through the tender process to carefully follow the scope of works, created by the surveyor. The assessment phase revealed that all works could go ahead with immediate effect.



Open communication with residents and the property manager was our priority. We informed them of our plans and addressed any concerns, ensuring that all stakeholders were on board with the project. Once the administrative tasks, including site-specific risk and method statements and a detailed schedule of works, were completed, we moved forward with a considerate site setup and sourced key materials.

The initial phase involved the removal of all existing wallpaper. We then re-plastered a majority of the walls, installing lining paper and applying the chosen luxurious wallpaper, ensuring a seamless and high-quality finish. The entire internal parts of the blocks were the decorated with top quality products including all woodwork, walls, ceilings to match the new design, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Next, we installed the new carpets, which were carefully selected to complement the wallpaper and colour scheme chosen by the residents. In addition to the decorative elements, we reinstalled the heaters and tested all electrical systems, including the installation of a new fire alarm system to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

The final step was the repair of the marble flooring in the communal entrance lobby which had unfortunately been damaged previously. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously restored the marble, bringing back its original elegance.



Throughout the project, we faced a few challenges. Coordinating with residents to finalise colour schemes and design preferences required careful communication and flexibility. Additionally, the decoration of the apartment doors took organising to accommodate multiple residents at one time,  but our team managed these efficiently, minimising disruption to residents day to day lives.

The installation of the fire alarm system and testing of electrical systems also required precise execution to ensure all elements were functioning correctly and safely. Despite these challenges, our team’s expertise and proactive problem-solving ensured the project stayed on track.



The refurbishment and internal redecoration of Evelyn Gardens were completed to perfection within the 12-week timeline. Our meticulous planning, open communication, and attention to detail resulted in a flawless finish that exceeded residents’ expectations.

The success of this project highlights our commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Following the completion of the refurbishment, discussions for future projects have already commenced, marking a successful and rewarding collaboration with our client.