Future Fuel: Wandsworth Exchange

Client Background:

Wandsworth Exchange, a prime residential development, seamlessly blends exceptional contemporary design with a close-knit community atmosphere and fantastic facilities. Offering Shared Ownership, it provides a smart and affordable alternative for individuals seeking a home in the heart of the vibrant, well-connected London neighbourhood.


Our client, the property developer behind Wandsworth Exchange, faced a genuine concern regarding the non-operational Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs) initially installed by the developer. These devices were purportedly “Free to use” but had never functioned. Recognising the need for a reliable and efficient solution, the client sought Future Fuel’s expertise.


After conducting thorough surveys and proposing detailed designs, Future Fuel recommended a strategic shift. The decision was made to replace the existing non-functional systems with a new Smart-Connect – Pay As You Go (PAYG) solution. Instead of opting for a 100% Active system, Future Fuel installed a Hybrid solution, combining both passive and active components. This approach allows for flexibility, activating the system as demand for EV charging requires.

Installation Process:

The installation process was executed seamlessly within a swift timeframe of 5 days, minimising disruption to the property and its residents. Future Fuel’s team ensured a hassle-free transition from the non-operational devices to the new Hybrid solution, emphasising efficiency and customer satisfaction.


With the installation complete, the client now enjoys the benefits of Future Fuel’s Future-Tap billing and management portal. This user-friendly portal provides a simple and efficient solution for billing and management, offering total peace of mind to both the property developer and the residents.


Future Fuel’s proactive approach and commitment to delivering innovative solutions allowed Wandsworth Exchange to overcome the challenges associated with non-functional EVCPs. The implementation of a Hybrid solution not only ensures operational efficiency but also provides the flexibility to adapt to evolving demands for EV charging. The success of this installation underscores Future Fuel’s dedication to providing cutting-edge, reliable solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of electric vehicle infrastructure. Wandsworth Exchange now stands as a shining example of a well-connected, sustainable community, empowered by Future Fuel’s expertise.