Future Fuel: Bell Flower Lodge

Project Overview:

Future Fuel undertook a pivotal project at the Bell Flower Lodge in Romford, where the goal was to replace outdated first-generation EV chargers with cutting-edge technology. The existing chargers were free to use and lacked a billing system. The project aimed not only to upgrade the charging infrastructure but also to implement a fair billing solution. The installation was expertly executed in a single afternoon, minimising inconvenience for residents. The implementation of the Future Tap billing system was introduced for transparent usage-based billing.

OZEV Funding and Sustainability:

In line with the UK government’s commitment to promoting sustainable transportation, Future Fuel secured £2,550 of OZEV funding on behalf of the client. This funding played a crucial role in driving the modernisation of the charging infrastructure and encouraging the adoption of a more compliant EV charging solution within the residential block.

Introducing Future Tap Billing System:

A key highlight of the project was the implementation of the Future Tap billing system. This fully flexible billing solution replaced the previous free-to-use model with a fair and transparent billing mechanism based on residents’ actual usage. The Future Tap system not only ensures the sustainability of the EV charging infrastructure but also empowers residents to be more conscious of their charging habits.

Enhanced Resident Convenience and Satisfaction:

The upgraded EV charging infrastructure and the Future Tap billing system collectively elevated the resident experience at Bell Flower Lodge . Residents now have access to more efficient and reliable charging facilities, and the transparent billing process fosters trust and accountability.

Client Testimonial:

The property manager at Bell Flower Lodge expressed satisfaction with the entire project. Future Fuel’s team displayed professionalism, adhered to safety standards, and communicated effectively throughout the process. The property manager also appreciated the minimal disruption caused to residents and highly recommended Future Fuel’s services for similar projects.

Location: Romford, Essex

Client: Transparent Property Management

Building type: Residential

Number of bays: 3 Active 

Technology usedEasee Smart Charger

OZEV Funding Secured: £2,550

Project timeline: 1 day

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