Future Fuel: Brentford Lock West

Client Background:

Brentford Lock West, a distinguished residential development, forms a unique presence along the Grand Union Canal in West London. Comprising two symmetrical linked pavilion-type structures, this 42-unit block is marked by deep loggias and a spacious communal entrance atrium. Brentford Lock West not only offers stunning contemporary design but also a strong sense of community and excellent facilities, making it a prime choice for individuals seeking a vibrant, well-connected urban lifestyle.


Our client, the property developer behind Brentford Lock West, encountered a significant issue with the initially installed Electric Vehicle Charging Points (EVCPs). These chargers lacked a billing platform, rendering them effectively unusable for residents. Recognizing the need for a reliable and efficient solution, the client sought Future Fuel’s expertise to upgrade the charging infrastructure and implement a suitable billing system.


Future Fuel conducted comprehensive surveys and provided detailed design proposals, recommending a complete overhaul of the existing non-functional chargers. The solution involved replacing the old chargers with 15 new, single units and implementing a robust billing system. Future Fuel also secured £12,750 worth of OZEV funding from the government, alleviating some of the financial burden for the client.

Installation Process:

The installation process was executed smoothly and efficiently, within a short timeframe. Future Fuel’s team ensured a seamless transition from the outdated chargers to the new, fully functional ones, with minimal disruption to the residents. The job was completed on time, and all installed chargers are now active, providing reliable service to the community.


With the installation complete, Brentford Lock West now benefits from Future Fuel’s advanced billing and management system. This user-friendly platform ensures efficient billing and management, offering peace of mind to both the property developer and the residents. The successful implementation has resulted in high satisfaction among the residents, who now have access to dependable EV charging facilities.


Future Fuel’s proactive approach and commitment to delivering innovative solutions allowed Brentford Lock West to overcome the challenges associated with non-functional EVCPs. The successful installation and activation of 15 new chargers, coupled with a robust billing system, underscore Future Fuel’s dedication to providing cutting-edge, reliable solutions in the evolving landscape of electric vehicle infrastructure. Brentford Lock West now stands as a prime example of a well-connected, sustainable community, empowered by Future Fuel’s expertise and support.