Future Fire: Wireless Fire Alarm Upgrade

In response to a fire incident in the residential block last year, residents were determined to upgrade their existing fire alarm system for enhanced safety. The incident, while not resulting in casualties, highlighted the inadequacy of the current setup, prompting the need for a swift and effective solution.

The Challenge:

With the urgency to address safety concerns, our team at Future Fire swiftly undertook the task of installing a new fire alarm system. Accessing individual units in a residential block posed its own set of challenges, requiring effective communication and collaboration with residents. Fortunately, proactive coordination, including booking appointments at residents’ convenience, proved crucial in gaining cooperation and alleviating stress for both residents and the management team.

The Future Fire Solution:

To meet the safety demands of the residents, we installed a state-of-the-art Hyfire wireless fire alarm system. The scope of the project involved the installation of 164 devices, ensuring comprehensive coverage across the entire residential block. The installation process, spanning a mere two weeks, demonstrated our commitment to efficiency without compromising on quality.

Special Considerations:

Given the existing presence of an AOV system, our team incorporated new fire alarm interfaces to seamlessly integrate with the ventilation system. Whilst cause & effects programming was needed, this was not a problem for our dedicated experts. This innovative approach ensured that various vents across the site could open automatically in the event of an alarm, further enhancing the overall safety infrastructure.


The project’s successful completion and subsequent testing procedures provided residents with the reassurance that their safety, homes, and investments were now safeguarded. Future Fire remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that prioritise safety without causing undue disruption to residents’ daily lives

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