EV & Lighting Collaboration

Project Overview:

The Crown Court residential development at Regents Park embarked on a project to make the transition to EV charging and LED lighting solutions smoother for its residents. The primary objectives included:

  • Installing EV chargers for every parking bay to promote the adoption of electric vehicles.
  • Upgrading the lighting system in the car park and service room areas, incorporating emergency lighting coverage and sensor controls for energy efficiency.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure:

The project involved the installation of a comprehensive electric vehicle charging system. The key details of this installation are as follows:

  • Chargers Installed: The project featured the installation of 23 passive and 2 active chargers to ensure that all residents had access to convenient charging facilities.
  • OZEV Funding: The project successfully secured £12,000 worth of funding from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), which significantly reduced the financial burden on the development.
  • Smart-Ready Back-Plates: The chargers were equipped with Smart-Ready back-plates, allowing for rapid enablement of chargers as residents made the transition to electric motoring. This feature ensured scalability and adaptability to the evolving needs of the community.

Lighting Upgrade and Energy Efficiency:

In addition to the EV charging infrastructure, the project aimed to reduce energy consumption and enhance safety within the parking and service areas through a comprehensive lighting upgrade. This initiative included:

  • Full Lighting Upgrade: The project encompassed a complete lighting overhaul in the car park and service room areas. The existing lighting systems were replaced with LED energy-efficient alternatives.
  • Emergency Lighting: The installation also incorporated emergency lighting coverage, ensuring the safety of residents during unforeseen events.
  • Microwave Sensor Controls: To achieve full compliance with energy efficiency standards and reduce energy usage, microwave sensors were integrated into the lighting system. These sensors allowed the lights to operate only when necessary, reducing usage from 24 hours a day to approximately 30 minutes.

Dual Division Collaboration:

The successful implementation of this project was the result of a collaborative effort between two key divisions within the Crown Court residential development:

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Division: Responsible for the design and installation of the EV charging infrastructure, this division worked diligently to ensure that every parking bay was equipped with a charger. The utilisation of Smart-Ready back-plates also demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to accommodate future electric vehicle adoption.
  • Lighting Division: In collaboration with the EV charging division, the lighting division handled the lighting upgrade, emergency lighting coverage, and the integration of microwave sensor controls. This approach not only enhanced the energy efficiency of the development but also contributed to residents’ safety.


Furthermore, the benefits of choosing Future Group are exemplified in the success of projects like The Crown Court residential development at Regents Park. With one contractor and in-house engineers, disruptions to residents are minimized as various works can be seamlessly combined. This approach enhances the quality of life for residents while fostering a sustainable future.