Fast Ev Charging Solution For Residents

Future Fuel installs a fast charging solution for residents and their guests that can bill individuals correctly for their usage.

Future Fuel Design:

Following on from our initial consultation, we sent one of our in-house surveying designers to site to build and propose a solution that met the clients brief and sat within the budget restraints of the development.

Our standard designs include:

  • Product specifications
  • Billing & Management information
  • Cable Routes
  • Installation proposals
  • Distribution & protective solutions
  • Possible charging power
  • Quantified rates

The Maximum demand:

This site was quite unique in the fact that the developer had provided capacity ready for future EV charging points, making this installation ready for the immediate solution.

Following load testing and confirming the maximum demand at peak usage, the provision provided during the construction of the development was adequate; having enough spare capacity to allow full power at any time.


Challenges included the car park’s underground location and the lack of a 3G or 4G signal.

Wi-fi connectivity was required for the client to bill users for their electricity consumption.

Load Balancing

Wifi Enabled

Billing Management

PAYG: 7kW Charging System – Active Solution

The installation was incredibly smooth as we were able to utilise 80% of the existing containment system within the underground car park as the electrical designer of the block had the vision and made provision that this technology would be used and provided capacity with the cable tray and trucking containment.

The chargers were positioned on structural columns between bays allowing for charging points to be shared between spaces freely.

The developer even allowed a distribution panel ready for this installation so, once our circuits were installed, we just needed to fit the associated final circuit protective devices and we were ready to ‘switch on’.

Wi-Fi Connectivity:

Due to the signal limitations an underground car park brings, the only option is to install a wi-fi network that the chargers connect to, allowing for 24/7 fault monitoring, management and use of the billing platform.

This block already had a broadband connection allowing us to connect to this with our own wireless network switch and creating a Wi-Fi provision for the chargers.

Billing & Management:

Wi-Fi Connectivity Billing is managed via a Wi-Fi connection. All the charging infrastructure is smart-enabled and Wi-Fi connected, allowing a tariff for the usage of the charging points to be set at the client’s discretion.

Our system manages the collection of funds through the billing application and users can be added/omitted as required throughout the agreement.

Key statistics:




Install Period (days)


Charge Time (hrs)


Positive Feedback (%)

Project: Multi-Point EV Charging Solution

Building: Saffron Square

Client: Premier Estates

Instructing Client: Berkeley Homes PLC

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