Future Fuel: The Fox Building

7no Active Chargers installed into the resident’s private car park for residents to utilise.

The M&E contractor commissioned Future Fuel solutions to design, build and install an EVC provision to meet the local authorities ‘building control’ requirements, supplying ‘active’ electric vehicle charging provisions to new build development.

The Future Fuel Solution:

Following discussions and design briefs it was concluded to install 7no Easee™ Smart 7-21kW Charging robots to specific bays (client basis) allowing for simple activation as residents start to inhabit the building, who require the need to charge their EV.

The system was commissioned with a back-office site set-up ready for rapid connection and access as residents requested.

Each active charger has a simple QR Code attached which a resident would scan, directing them to the billing and management platform support.

We opted for the Billing platform to be operated by Monta. The resident would scan the code, inform Monta of their bay, download the Monta Application, add credit and the charger will immediately distribute electricity to the user. 

On a bi-monthly basis, the collected funds from kWh rates would automatically drop back into a nominated bank account (usually the block’s service charger account) which currently pays for the landlord’s electricity consumption.


The system is totally secure, preventing misuse or any protentional user/visitor not registered or account holding. Total peace of mind for the management company and the block’s residents.

Our client was extremely pleased with how smooth the system was delivered, the simplicity of the portal and how it can be handed to the incoming block management company.

Name of site/ building: The Fox Building. N13 4JD

Client: Dominvs Group

Location: London N13 4JD

Building Type: Residential – New build

Technology used: Easee Chargers 7-21kW.

Billing: Monta

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