Future Security: South Bank Tower

South Bank Tower, a luxurious residential block located in the heart of London, offers unparalleled living experiences to its residents. In pursuit of providing top-notch security, the management of South Bank Tower embarked on a mission to bolster their surveillance systems within communal areas.

 Project Overview:

South Bank Tower is a sizable residential block, and its commitment to resident safety is of paramount importance. The pre-existing external and ground-floor CCTV systems had served their purpose well, but there was a need for more comprehensive coverage in communal areas, including the gym, swimming pool, cinema room, and even the garden on the 10th floor. The installation aimed to create an integrated security network, covering areas where staff have a duty of care to residents.


  • Diverse Communal Spaces: The complex features a wide array of communal areas, each with unique surveillance requirements. Coordinating these installations to ensure consistent coverage was a challenge.
  • Minimising Disruption: With a bustling residential community, minimising disruption to residents during the installation process was a priority.
  • Integration: The new cameras needed to seamlessly integrate with the existing external and ground-floor systems for centralised monitoring.

 Installation Process:

The installation process was executed meticulously to address these challenges:

  • Site Assessment: A comprehensive assessment of the complex was carried out to identify optimal camera placements. This ensured that all critical areas were covered without redundancy.
  • Camera Selection: High-quality CCTV cameras with various features, such as night vision and motion detection, were selected to suit the unique requirements of each space.
  • Wiring and Infrastructure: The project required the use of clients IP infrastructure as well as additional dedicated cabling to connect all the cameras to a central monitoring hub, making real-time surveillance possible.
  • Integration: To ensure seamless integration, the new cameras were configured to work in line with the clients management teams. This allowed for each member of staff to take care of their assigned areas.
  • Minimal Disruption: The installation team worked in phases, minimizing disruption to residents by scheduling work during off-peak hours and using inconspicuous camera placements.


Results and Benefits:

The comprehensive CCTV installation at South Bank Tower has yielded numerous benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: Residents now enjoy a heightened sense of security, knowing that all communal areas, including the garden on the 10th floor, are under constant surveillance.
  • Duty of Care: Staff responsible for communal areas can better fulfill their duty of care to residents by having real-time access to surveillance footage.
  • Improved Incident Resolution: With a larger network of cameras, the management can more effectively investigate incidents and maintain a safe environment.
  • Intuitive Monitoring: The integrated system offers a centralised monitoring platform, making it easier to manage and respond to security events.
  • Resident Satisfaction: Residents have expressed increased satisfaction with the heightened security measures and the overall sense of safety within the complex.


The installation of 68 CCTV cameras in South Bank Tower’s communal areas has been a resounding success, significantly enhancing the security and safety of the residents and the efficiency of the staff. By addressing the challenges of diverse communal spaces, minimising disruption, and ensuring integration, South Bank Tower has set a new standard for comprehensive residential security, providing peace of mind and an exceptional living experience for its residents