Future Security: Ashburn Gardens

Client Background:

Ashburn Gardens, a residential property with freehold residents, sought to bolster security measures by implementing a comprehensive  suitable CCTV system. Having never had CCTV installed before, the client was keen on a solution that not only met their security needs, and maintained the aesthetic integrity of the building.


The absence of existing CCTV infrastructure presented an opportunity to identify specific security needs for the freehold residents. A critical requirement was enabling remote access to the CCTV footage remotely from locations worldwide delivering seamless, high-speed data transmission. Concealing all cabling was imperative to preserve the architectural aesthetics of Washburn Gardens.

Our Solution:

Colour view external Cameras and 4G Router:

We provided external Colourview cameras which provide 24/7 colour images for optimal surveillance coverage. For remote access, a  4G router from Vital Trace with unlimited data was fitted, allowing clients to access footage from anywhere via smart phone. The router has connectivity via a SIM card for uninterrupted connectivity.

Tailored Installation:

Our team conducted a thorough site assessment, identifying strategic locations for sympathetic camera placement. To maintain the building’s aesthetics, all cabling was hidden discreetly during installation.

Remote Access and User Guidance:

We set up a user-friendly interface for remote access and provided comprehensive guidance for users to manage the dedicated free CCTV APP. This ensured that residents once authorised could effortlessly navigate the system to monitor / download footage of their premises.

Remote Health Monitoring:

To proactively address potential issues, we implemented remote health monitoring. The CCTV system is configured to automatically notify us of any router or camera issues. This real-time alert system allows us to take immediate action, ensuring the continuous functionality of the CCTV system.


The entire CCTV installation process, from planning to execution, was completed in just two days. Our efficient team worked diligently to meet the client’s timeline while maintaining the highest standards of workmanship.

Client Satisfaction:

Upon completion, the client expressed utmost satisfaction with the seamless integration of the CCTV system. The combination of cutting-edge technology, discreet installation, and user-friendly features exceeded their expectations. The client now enjoys enhanced security and peace of mind viewable 24/7. We received glowing feedback from one of our valued clients:

“George and the guys that came with him, fabulous.  Professional and very personable. Great clean tidy work.  And all up and running.  Result.”


Our successful CCTV installation at Ashburn Gardens stands as a testament to our commitment to providing tailored bespoke security solutions. The implementation the best type of cameras, a robust 4G router, and innovative remote monitoring features ensures that Ashburn Gardens residents can enjoy enhanced safety with minimal disruption to the aesthetic appeal of their property.