Future Lighting: Exeter House

Our client approached us to provide a report on all electrical wiring systems and lighting solutions throughout the development.

Problem areas identified were:

Following on from various inspections, testing and investigation works, we were commissioned to address any electrical defects and recommendations highlighted during the testing works. The entire development’s “electrical systems” are now fully compliant and signed off for 5 years as satisfactory; total peace of mind for the client and the estates residents.

Lighting was another story. Inefficient lighting, poor control methods (that were causing so many problems for the building manager) but most concerning was the total lack of emergency lighting. It was time for a new lighting solution.

We were delighted to be commissioned to assist with designing and building a new, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing lighting scheme to replace the existing system at this high-specification development.

Staircases & Lobby Areas

The blocks had a stock of delightful Art-Deco type light fittings which were stunning and very in-keeping with the site, but they were inefficient and didn’t provide any emergency backup facility.

We proposed to remove a fitting and have a suitable LED solution designed to fit within the light fitting bodies. 

After some time at our facility, our lighting technicians produced a solution that was:

Efficient : Using the latest in LED technology

Automatic: Each fitting had integral Light Level & Occupancy Sensors

Emergency: Each fitting now house an emergency back-up solution

Appealing: We utilised the existing light fitting bodies

Energy Saving

Long Lasting

Money Saving

External Facade Lighting

The external staircase and porch areas used a mix of solutions all controlled via basic time-clocks or lights that remained on 24/7 burning throughout daylight hours. We replaced each light with a new LED alternative with miniature photocells and occupancy detection, creating immediate savings and removing any manual maintenance and adjustment of time clocks etc. An immediate 80% + saving was generated, plus this solution made an incredible difference to each block.

New LED lights pay for themselves with the money saved each year.

Project: New Efficient & Compliant Lighting solution to the entire development

Building: Exeter House, Putney Heath

Client: Nightingale Chancellors

Instructing Client: Broadwalk House Management

ROI(m): 59

Money Saved (£): 6500

co2 saved (t): 61

Positive Feedback (%): 99