Future Lighting Designed Smart, Energy-Efficient Solutions For The Lobby And Stairs In Residential Block

How do you match 21st-century technology to one of London’s historic neighbourhoods?

Blending contemporary technology with historic architecture is a challenge. Updating lighting solutions so inhabitants don’t feel like they are living in a museum is something Future Lighting encounters time and again.


Chase Court in the prestigious Knightsbridge area is a traditional residential block of 26 apartments & studios spread over six floors. It forms part of a converted mansion next door to the world-famous Harrods Store in London’s Kensington district.

Communal areas can make a massive difference to the atmosphere and overall feel of an interior space. Residents may enjoy the architectural splendour but they don’t want to compromise on lighting design, efficiency or convenience.

‘These are potentially sensitive projects. Being so close to the iconic London store we needed to preserve the integrity of a building and offer energy-efficient technology while working quickly and cleanly with minimum disruption. We love the challenges this kind of lighting design give us.’

Jamie Willsdon

Key Issues:

  • Comprehensively removing all old technology safely.
  • Lighting communal areas with attractive, high wattage solutions in keeping with the décor
  • Saving energy
  • Offering satisfaction and peace of mind

The Future Lighting Solution:

Future Lighting designed smart, energy-efficient solutions for the lobby and stairs.

We replaced old compact fluorescent bulkheads with new LED alternatives.

Our fittings also incorporated integral microwave Occupancy Detectors which only light occupied areas when required.

Using this system we were able to reuse the existing lighting positions and wiring resulting in no damage to the buildings cosmetics and assisting rapid installation. Using LED has also improved light levels by 30%.

Building Type: Residential

Number of dwellings: 26

Technology Used: LED & Controls

Money Saved: £1427.00

CO2 Saved (T): 6.25

ROI: 40 months