Design, Supply And Install A New Energy-Efficient Lighting Solution To Reduce Energy Used

Regency Court is a luxurious residential apartment block located in Westminster which has fabulous views of parliament. This development is spread over eight floors and offers concierge service within a large reception and has secure underground parking.


To design, supply and install a new energy-efficient lighting solution to reduce the energy used, control lighting during occupied periods only and eradicate vast maintenance costs.

Key Issues:

  • Current lighting system was inefficient
  • Fittings failed regularly
  • Maintenance bills were regular and unwanted
  • Too much time was spent dealing with the system
  • The current lighting system was outdated, costing too much money and not fulfilling its appropriate function.

Future Lighting Audit highlighted:

  • Maintenance charges were running away with the budget
  • Numerous light fitting failures and repairs had caused long-term system issues
  • Different fittings and components had caused inconsistent light levels and colours
  • The overall look was unappealing
  • Energy use was high

The Future Lighting Solution:

  • Remove all out of date, high wattage light fittings to include all lobbies , stairs, and reception.
  • Replace front staircase lighting for new LED Bulkheads with integral Occupancy Detectors; preventing wasted energy used during unoccupied periods.
  • Replace lighting with new electronic fluorescent with integral controls; controlling lights during occupied periods only.
  • Removal of existing lobby wall lights and wiring installation of new LED recessed spot lighting to all apartment lobbies and reception.
  • Installation of remote Occupancy Detectors in apartment communal lobbies, so controlling lights during occupied periods only.
  • Supply 5 Years Guarantee documents

Within the apartment lobbies and reception, Future Lighting replaced the old 60W wall-mounted half moon lights with new 8W LED recessed spotlights. This solution has not only saved vast energy usage (90% in total) and high maintenance costs but it has also improved lighting levels and improved the aesthetics of the lobbies too. This makes the building even more attractive to potential tenants or homebuyers and improves the initial ambience of the building.

This site had two staircases feeding 10 floors which were permanently lit 24/7, without the option of control. Imagine the cost of each light over 365 days and you have some idea what kind of bills Regency Court was running up. Most fittings were located adjacent to glazed window areas too.

We replaced all compact 35W fluorescent fittings with new 14W LED alternatives with integral Occupancy and Light Level Detectors which switch lights on only during dusk hours and when occupied.  These areas have saved 90% plus in wasted energy as these staircases are rarely used.


  • Improved light levels
  • Consistent colour rendering throughout
  • Maintenance reduced to zero
  • Saving on administration time and costs
  • Tenant satisfaction
  • Energy saving of 80% upwards
  • 5 year warranty


Building type: Residential

Location: London, SW1P

Number of Dwellings: 56

Technology Used: LED & Controls

Money Saved: £8638.00

ROI: 38.4 months

At Future Lighting, our philosophy is to create proactive, long-term partnerships with our clients. Our audits, inventories and maintenance packages remove lighting maintenance and upgrade hassle from any block management ‘to-do” list as well as saving time, money and energy. We allow your block to function effectively without the worry of large energy bills, not adhering to emergency lighting regulations or maintenance issues. Ask us what fresh ideas we have about intelligent lighting systems for your block….