New Access Control Solution Installed Into Residential Block

Future Security install a new access control solution, supplied by Comelit.

This site is situated in Bushey, which is a town in the Hertsmere borough of Hertfordshire in the East of England.

  • The site has a communal entrance from the high street.
  • The entrance has 1 vehicle sliding gate and 1 pedestrian gate, both of which have a panel which can call any resident, who then can release the gate to admit pedestrians or vehicles to the site.
  • Block 1 has 8 large apartments. Each has a video handset in the entrance lobby of their flat and 2 audio handsets; one in their bedroom and one in their kitchen.
  • Block 2 has 20 large apartments. Each has a video handset in the entrance lobby of their flats and a video handset next to their bed.


Future Security were asked to undertake a survey of the existing security system solution to identify any areas where security could be improved and to renew and update the parts and cabling.

The existing system was very old so no parts were available. It was also not working for some residents. The existing wiring ran throughout the building communal areas and the internal apartments. The cabling was also run between blocks and to external gates. Future Security was called to sort this out.

Problems identified:

  • Carrying out the works with minimal disruption to both the communal areas and, in the case of this site, within each of the large apartments (all of which are finished to a very high level of decoration) as the cabling routes to the gates were run under both landscaped gardens and the main entrance driveway. By providing a solution that would negate the replacement of cabling following successful testing, we were able to complete this installation without disturbing the internals of the apartments, communal areas or the groundworks. This also provided massive time and cost savings.
  • The client had a brass panel at one entrance and required a bespoke unit to replace the existing panel with a wooden panel.

The Future Security Solution

We provided a system manufactured by Comelit who have the portfolio of products to meet the criteria…

“Founded in 1956, Comelit Group SpA is an industrial company operating on a worldwide scale and specialising in the design and manufacture of video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation, access control and fire protection systems.”


The biggest challenge was minimising downtime for the system and arranging the program with the residents. The system was installed in phases to ensure the entrance panels within the apartments were all live and the systems were operating before the secondary equipment was fitted. This took Future Security longer to deliver as we required two visits to each apartment.

The system configuration and delivery were required to be carefully organised and planned with residents to ensure delivery of the program.

“Thank you for what was one of the smoothest Section 20’s all thanks to you dealing with all of the leaseholders’ queries, and I know there were many”

KB. Senior Residential Block Property Manager

Client: Collinson Hall

Location: Bushey

Building Type: Residential

Number of dwellings: 28

Technology Used: Comelit

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