£6k initiative to get drivers to switch to electric cars

UK drivers could get up to £6k via a taxpayer-funded scheme to switch to electric vehicles.

A new initiative is being considered by the British Government which could offer drivers up to £6k to swap their traditional petrol engine car to new cleaner electric vehicles. This is a new idea to help relaunch the economy when the current Corona Virus lockdown Is over.

The Prime Minister is expected to announce a stimulus speech on the 6 July. According to the Daily Telegraph:

“Britain’s three biggest car makers, Nissan, Jaguar Land Rover, and BMW — which makes the Mini — all have electric cars at the heart of their manufacturing strategy, and the government is desperate to keep their UK factories open.”

Nissan, which makes the Leaf electric vehicle in Sunderland, manufactures more than 500,000 cars in total at the factory, which is Britain’s biggest and is crucial to the economy of the entire northeast.

Future Fuel thinks this is a great idea. Not only would it help the economy by encouraging Renault to use the spare capacity they have at their Sunderland plant, but also would help the environment, especially now as the air has been cleaned since lockdown. Fingers crossed the government delivers this exciting initiative.

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