Common Questions & Answers

Q What is a ‘passive system’?This is a parking bay that has the cabling and distribution ready for later connection of a charger. A future-proofed site

Q What is a ‘active system’?This is a parking bay with a charger in place ready to utilise

Q what does ‘future-proofed’ mean?This is a car park that has had the entire infrastructure installed ready for connection of chargers. It’s future-proofed

Q Have I got enough electricity in my block?For everyone to charge simultaneously, Probably not! But there will be a spare capacity for a number of bays (normally 10%) but with a load-balancing system that number can be increased. After that probably a new supply would need to be installed into the block from the electricity supplier.

Q Can I connect to my (the flats) electricity meter?No, because of isolation, electrical regulations and installations logistics and if every resident did this the block could overload the electricity supply

Q Where does the system connect to? (where does it get the power from)The communal / Landlords electrical supply

Q What is load balancing?This is an automatic system that distributes the spare electricity capacity across active chargers, so the system doesn’t overload or seek more electricity than is spare.

Q Who pays for the infrastructure?Normally the block service charge. On occasions the freeholder has contributed

Q Who pays and owns the chargerThe resident is responsible for the purchase of the charger and the cost for the engineer to deliver, connect and commission

Q How do users pay for their usage?Through an app-based platform. Just like when we park in the street.

Q How is the money collected?Money (credit) is added to the user app’ and they pay for the electricity (charge) used. This money is then collected and dropped into the account that pays the landlord/communal electricity bill. Normally the service charge account

Q How quick can I charge my car?How long is a piece of string! How flat is your battery and how big is your cars battery? Tesla from flat on a fast charger would charge in approximately in 6-8hrs

Q How does my charger connect to the billing portal?Via a 3G Sim if a network is available if not it’s connected via wi-fi

Q What if we don’t have Wi-Fi in the carpark/block?Future Group can install this as part of the infrastructure

Q Is there a warranty period?Yes, there is a 3-Year warranty on all chargers

Q Can another user access my charger?Most certainly - as long as they have been granted access of course

Q How often should I charge my car?If you use it every day, then treat your car like your mobile phone and plug it in at night

Q How much will it cost me per mile?Approximately 2pence per mile (on average)

Q Are there any grants available?Yes, approximately £350 per user. Max £14,000 per workplace installation

Q How much will it cost?It varies so much. A rough guide: Standard infrastructure £1000 per point / 7kw Smart Fast-Charger £700-£1200

Q Does it need to be maintained?Yes, this is a high-powered electrical device and will need an annual testing & inspection carried out.