NOD- Life Safety Auto-Notification Device

Responsible persons such as block managers don't always know when systems are in fault, often relying on maintenance teams and even residents to alert them of problems, resulting in critical time delays.

At Future Fire Systems, we don't think this is good enough. When it comes to life safety, faulty systems put the lives and property of residents at risk. Also, there can be an inconvenience to the block i.e. gates & barriers, access control issues that need addressing in real time.

In response we have launched NOD.

What is NOD?

The purpose of NOD is to contribute in some way to making things easier for both Building Managers and persons responsible for unmanned sites.

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The platform of the future

Monitor the various systems across your portfolio showing information in real-time.


Alarm notifications can be actioned in realtime reducing critical time delays.


Fault signals are transmitted and presented as easily understood status icons.

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We retro-fit a small printed circuit board into the control panel on site. The device monitors systems in real-time and sends signals to a cloud-based app, web portal or alarm receiving centre via a wireless network smart card.

The use of 4G wireless technology means no wiring needs to be installed in the building and the 4G network works via a roaming SIM.

The mobile app and browser service converts alarms into easy to read icons, colours, timelines and graphs. The app will advise users that all their systems are fully operational or ‘healthy’ until they receive a ‘fire’ or ‘fault’ signal. Users can create their own monitoring community where colleagues can view the site(s) and receive notifications.

Visualise. easy-to-read colour icons

One App. For multiple premises

Graphics. clear & concise data

Companion. share to communities

Retro fit to any system

All alarms grouped

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