Parkside Mansions


Residents at Parkside Mansions development and their property managers had become increasingly unhappy that their communal lighting had become less than luxurious; maintenance costs were exorbitant and the failing system was no longer fit for purpose.

Problem areas identified were:

The client was also holding a quotation running into £1000’s for urgent lighting repairs required to meet requirements.

Future Lighting was delighted to be commissioned to assist with the design and development of a new efficient & complaint lighting solution utilising the existing decorative light bodies; while still complementing the original design of the building.

Due to the high specification d cor the client was struggling to find a suitable fitting design that wouldn’t compromise the internal design scheme. Previous contractors/lighting specialist couldn’t propose a suitable solution.

The maintenance team had done their utmost to repair the system but the task was never ending, so property managers contacted Future Lighting for help. We arranged a survey and proposed a retrofit LED solution that would utilise the existing flush lamp housings.

  • High wattage lighting with associated high running costs
  • Failed Emergency Lighting
  • Ongoing lighting failures resulting in a poorly maintained feel
  • Mix of lamp types and poor colour matching

Challenges included:

  • Utilisation of the existing fittings & wiring system to prevent major cosmetic damage.
  • Designing a lighting scheme that would complement rather than detract from the original design of the building
  • Avoiding disruption to residents and their visitors.

Energy Saving

Money Saving

Long Lasting

The Future Lighting solution

Apartment lobbies & Staircases
  • Removing high wattage lighting technology.
  • Providing a custom developed LED solution
  • New emergency packs were also combined within the necessary fittings so providing full compliant emergency cover.

The entire estate comprising of 3 Blocks, was completed in less than 14days (Onsite) without disruption to the building, its internal decor or any interruption to residents.

The savings made at Parkside are hefty. The lighting solution totalled £29K and will reduce energy costs from £9.5k to £1.5k per annum. Ongoing maintenance of £2000 has also been eradicated and the system is now covered by Future Lightings 5 Year Full P&L Warrantee. Both the Property Management & Parkside residents were delighted to discover that their return on investment (ROI) will only be 32 months. In addition Future Lighting has given a five-year guarantee on the refurbishment and FREE on-going maintenance.

Client: Gateway

Instructing Client: Gateway

ROI: 32 months

Project Timeline: 14 days

CO2 daved (t): 106

Positive Feedback: 96%