Ink Court

Future Heating was recently called to inspect a communal hot water system at Ink Court in Hackney.

Initial Inspection:

The client, Living City Asset Management was facing a major problem with residents at the 185-apartment development complaining that they had no hot water across all three of Ink Court’s blocks.

The Problem:

Commissioned to carry out a survey, Future Heating identified a range of serious issues with the existing installation. Not only were four out of the five boilers on site faulty but the majority were also in a dangerous state of repair. Heat exchangers and electrical components were damaged and flues corroded.

This left only one in five of the boilers in working order – not enough to provide the site with hot water. Future Heating also found that a number of associated pieces of plant including pumps and controls had also failed.

As the communal hot water system was in such a bad state of repair, a quick fix wasn’t possible. The problem couldn’t be resolved immediately due to the amount of work and the cost involved in remediating the system However, it was clear that the residents at Ink Court couldn’t be left without hot water for an extended period while the situation was resolved.

The Future Heating Solution:

Future Heating’s solution was to contact one of its service partners to provide the site with a temporary boiler system to ensure the tenants had hot water for the duration of the works. The boiler was delivered to the site, craned into position, then plumbed into the existing system and put into service.

For residents, the problem was effectively resolved. All the apartments had hot water and the issue was no longer being brought to the attention of the client. However, considerable work was needed to put a permanent solution in place.

Future Heating first removed the faulty and damaged boilers and plant, making the site ready for the new boilers and equipment to be installed. These were then fitted, tested and commissioned and put into service. The temporary boiler was then removed and the newly installed appliances are now providing hot water to the site.


To ensure continuous efficient service from the new installation, Ink Court now has a seven-year warranty and a continuing service and maintenance contract in place with Future Heating. This gives the client peace of mind and will deliver residents continuous hot water for the foreseeable future.Even better news for residents is that the new communal heating system is expected to be at least more efficient than the old boilers. This means that thanks to Future Heating, they can look forward to saving money on their gas bills too.

Energy Efficient

Money Saving

Peace of Mind

Project: 4 x commercial boiler install

Building: Ink Court

Client: Living City

Instructing Client: Living City Asset Management